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5 - 2 ឆ្នាំ


Youngsters will love to role-play everyday heroes with the LEGO City Street Sweeper (60249). This awesome toy truck features realistic brushes that spin when it’s pushed along, plus a rubbish bin, shovel and minifigure driver. Just add a budding builder with a big imagination and let the play begin.  Great building set for kids This cool construction toy comes with Instructions PLUS – part of the free LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets.


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This interactive building guide, with amazing zoom and rotate viewing tools, quickly helps younger LEGO builders become master builders.  LEGO City Great Vehicles – Cool toys for kids Kids grow up surrounded by amazing vehicles and machines on land, air or water – and with LEGO City Great Vehicles sets, they get to explore them up close! These fun building sets inspire open-ended, imaginative play, where children can recreate scenarios that reflect real life in a fun and exciting way.

ទំហំប្រអប់ : 141 x 60.1 x 157 cm
ឈ្មោះ : Street Sweeper

ម៉ាក : lego