Stem 12in1 animal story construction kits with motor (182pcs) | N/a

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Electric block kit to stimulate children's interest in science. ;Safe and easy to operate. Snap-in parts design, good connection, no extra tools.The way children learn to entertain. Children can have a good time and be familiar with a variety of stitching methods and clear instruction manuals for various mechanical components. ;Help to develop children's imagination, creativity, self-learning ability and hands-on ability, and guide them to come up with more innovative ideas. ;Perfect educational gift for kids, great family involves cheerful electronic settings and brings hours of fun ;There is fun for everyone. For single or multiple parties, entertaining and feeling a sense of accomplishment. ;Each of the high quality parts is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure children's safety.


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The product has no burr, smooth edges do not hurt the hand, sturdy and reliable. ;Environmental protection ABS plastic material, wear-resistant - non-toxic and odor-free, wear-resistant, not broken. ;Stable splicing, simple operation is easy to open and easy to set up - configuration stitching instructions detailed instructions easy to build. ;Teaching functions, namely toys and teaching aids - let the children understand the structural principles of the mechanical operation.

ទំហំប្រអប់ : 270 x 70 x 320.5 cm
ឈ្មោះ : STEM 12in1 Animal Story Construction Kits with Motor (182pcs)

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