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Get a grip!Potty seat grips and stays in placeWorks with both standard and elongated toilet seatsFlexible, soft-touch splash guard to prevent accidentsContoured to hold child securely in placeFeet for convenient stand-up storageSleek and modern aesthetic


$ 15.99





Have no fear, Grip™ is here! Grip™ comes made with material that grips any toilet seat – whether standard or elongated – to ensure that the seat doesn’t move and keeps your child in place. When they really have to go and make a dash for it, Grip™ has a flexible, soft-touch splash guard to prevent any unwanted accidents that might otherwise occur with a harder surface. It comes made with “feet” for hassle-free stand-up storage, and looks great in any bathroom. There’s a new safest and most secure toilet seat on the block, and it’s name is Grip™!

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