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6 - 12 years


Get ready to expand your outdoor-play horizons with the Ogo Ballooza three-ball set. Add-on pack of 3 projectiles that work best with OgoDisks or play individually. Includes 1 OgoSoft filament ball, 1 Flux ball and 1 micro copter dart. Encourages gross motor skills, creative play, outdoor exercise


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Each ball contains unique, exciting features

Plug straps into Flux Ball for versatile play.

Wings of Copter Dart cause it to spin like a helicopter while flying

OgoSoft ball is fun to feel, exciting to throw

Varies in difficulty - OgoSoft - beginner, Copterdart - intermediate, Flux Ball - advanced.

Detailed play instructions for all three included.

Flux ball measures 1.75 inch diameter

Copterdart measures 3 x 2 inches

OgoSoft measures 1.5 diameter

High-quality design and construction with strong, long-lasting materials 

Name : Ogoballooza

Brand : Ogosport

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