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BabyQto Mosquito repellent bracelet        


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The key to mosquito biting of BabyQto Mosquito repellent bracelet is Capsule Liquid Critronella Oleic Acid Extract, Critronella Extract, and Critronella Extended Release (CER) produce citronella essential oil from capsules. It is gradually released to repel mosquitoes. More effective multiple times. It covers 240-360 hours per tablet. How to use baby strap Qto.        Easy to use, just roll the strap around the wrist or ankle. Or hanging with the use of near the body, such as luggage, trolley if not used, stored in a zipper or sealed container. It will last longer.   Baby can wear water, wash hands. Do not damage the strap or bucket. Just mop or sip Dry it back to use it. Enhance confidence with BPA free silicone.         Use silicone raw materials like baby food containers. It is safe to reuse heavy metals, reuse it, or get heated, without the harmful chemicals evaporating.

Name : Mosquito repellent bracelet Pink Rabbit

Brand : BabyQto

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