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6 - 15 years


This kit contains instructions and materials to create 8 unique Brainteaser Centers in your classroom. Students build problem solving and critical thinking skills as they play through 8 Brainteaser Centers, using hints to help scaffold learning as-needed. The "Aha! Moment" that comes from solving a brainteaser encourages students to exercise logic in new ways and builds confidence to take on more difficult challenges.


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8 Brainteasers, each comes with an Object Card & 3 Hint CardsLearning Guide
Why to Buy
Builds students' critical thinking skillsStudents direct their own learning by choosing the level of support they need.

Recommended Ages:6 – 15

Name : Aha Brainteaser kit

Brand : Thinkfun

ThinkFun is the world's leader in mind-challenging toys, puzzles, and games. Founded in 1985, ThinkFun produces addictively fun games that strengthen and sharpen the mind! A respected global company, ThinkFun's games are represented in over 60 countries and translated into over 20 languages.

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