Sensory fabric tube cat | Ludi

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6 months - 3 years


LUDI proposes little people very big... and very light! This is secret of its inflatable educational toys, with multiple textures and activities to develop the child’s senses and dexterity.


$ 28.00



They can be fastened and carried around everywhere (pushchair, car, etc.) and their spacious volume means that children feel strong... just like «big» people !   - For children aged 6 months and up.   - Dimension : 40 x 10 cm.   - Composition 100 % PVC. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.   - Tha fabric composing : 100 % de polyester. Machine wash cold.

Name : Sensory Fabric Tube Cat

Brand : Ludi

LUDI's ideas are 100% French! LUDI is specialized in the universe of toys and baby products. At LUDI, creativity is included in the price, without ever sacrificing quality. LUDI is now available in Thailand at Enginou and

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