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4 - 99 years


BRUSH TIPPED METALLIC MARKERS THAT WRITE ON GLASS. Make beautiful strokes of amazing metallic color with Color Lustre Metallic Markers; the incredible markers that write on paper and hard surfaces like glass and tile. This set of markers features an amazing brush tip so it’s like painting with a marker; and it leaves behind a bright, sparkling metallic color with each stroke that looks great on white and black paper. Give your artwork a magical, metallic luster. Set of 6 markers. Washes away easily from hard surfaces like glass and tile.



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Brush Tipped Metallic Markers. Writes On Smooth Surfaces Like Glass and Tile. Non-Permanent (Wipes Away from Nonporous Surfaces). Sparkling Metallic Ink. Soft Brush Tip

Set of 6 Colors

Name : Color Luster Metallic Markers (6 colors)

Brand : OOLY

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