Adjustable 2 sided easel | Scratch europe

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3 - 99 years


The BlackWhiteboard is height-adjustable from 87 cm to 120 cm. It can be used on both sides. One side is a blackboard for chalk, and the other is a whiteboard for dry-erase markers. Both sides are magnetic! A fun set of magnets is included. There is a roll of drawing paper hanging under the board and a storage tray is also provided. 


$ 110.00



It includes many accessories: magnets, paper roll, storage tray, 3 chalks, 1 marker and an eraser.
Product Size: W 50x L 65 x H 87-120 (Adjustable) cm.
5 m. paper roller

Name : Adjustable 2 sided Easel

Brand : Scratch Europe

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