18. vitamin c | Pediakid

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3 - 15 years



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Name : 18. Vitamin C


The series of natural PEDIAKID products are vitamins No1 in France and marketed in more than 30 countries. Each product is specialized for a particular purpose in the human body. Their composition is as complicated as the human body, and have been carefully prepared to be administered for small to big children and adults, without causing any side effects. Laboratoires INELDEA do not use sugar but only the Agavis syrup derived from organic farming and used in the formulations of PEDIAKID®. It is highly recommended for children, prepared with naturally unrefined sugar, with very low Glycemic Index (GI). Food on low GI is the key to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. The acacia fiber, also originating from organic farming, are prebiotics that enhance the benefits of Agavis, allowing a balanced activity in the intestinal flora and help the body to be more durable. Prebiotics are ingredients which effectively nourish and aid the development and maintenance of existing beneficial bacteria of the intestinal flora. Another unique feature of PEDIAKID products is the targeted quantitative and qualitative composition where all components are combined in a unique way that act synergistic and help each other to achieve the maximization of the benefits to our body.

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