6 Ways To Help Your Impatient Child Calm Down


Children, by nature, are not very patient beings, barring may be a few exceptions.  They cannot wait for a thing to be given or done, they want immediate gratification.  But this way, the child might become stubborn or might never take NO for an answer. Though it’s not an easy task to calm down an impatient child, there are few ways which might help in doing so:

1. Distraction.  

With toddlers and younger children, distraction works.  When they start demanding something or becoming impatient, immediately start distracting the child.  You can start talking, reciting poems, playing, talking about a cartoon character, reading book, and such.


2. Saying NO.

It might sound harsh and also impractical to some parents, but parents have to learn to say NO to their impatient and often demanding children.  If the children realize that the parents will easily give in to their demands, they will also use impatience as a weapon to get their work done.



3. Talking.

With slightly older children, talking works.  The parents should try to make them understand about patience and that impatience doesn’t help.





4. Involving them in activities.

Just as younger kids can be distracted, older kids need to be involved in activities such as drawing, playing a game, solving riddles and puzzles which require patience!


5. When the child is getting too impatient or stubborn, just leave him/her alone for some time.

When no amount of talking, yelling, pampering is helping, the child needs to be left alone for some time.  The child might sulk or cry for some time, but when the child realizes that nobody is giving attention to his/her tantrums, he/she calms down.  Then talk to the child once he/she calms down.


6. Don’t lose patience yourself!!

Often parents tend to lose their patience handling impatient children.  Though it’s easier said than done, parents need to be patient to handle such kids.





Posted by Enginou
on May 20, 2016 at 18:58

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